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Scout II Sheet Metal Repair Kit For Door Seal Floor Bend

Scout II Sheet Metal Repair Kit For Door Seal Floor Bend
Catalog Number: SP18732
Years: 1971 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Scout II Diesel
Price: $46.93 each

If your Scout II has rusted through part of the metal lip that the door to body seal grabs on to, this kit will repair a section of it.

Kit includes:

1. An aerosol can of rust converter
2. A 2 piece mixable solution of cold weld
3. A pre-cut and pre-bent patch panel in 14 GA steel (factory gauge)

Simply place the patch panel in place over the existing floor and mark the area. Spray the rust converter on any rusty surface in the area; the converter stops further rust and converts rust to hard material. Mix the two tubes of cold weld together in place on your marked area, press down the patch panel, and clamp it in place. The patch panel creates the lip that the door to body seal needs to grab on to on the floor.

This repair takes around 30 minutes including prep time, and you do not need to remove your carpet because there is no welding!

Fits: 1971 Scout II, 1972 Scout II, 1973 Scout II, 1974 Scout II, 1975 Scout II, 1976 Scout II, 1976 Scout II Diesel, 1977 Scout II, 1977 Scout II Diesel, 1978 Scout II, 1978 Scout II Diesel, 1979 Scout II, 1979 Scout II Diesel, 1980 Scout II, 1980 Scout II Diesel

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