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Scout II, Scout 80, Scout 800 Chrome Hub Axle Grease Cap Cover - New

Scout II, Scout 80, Scout 800 Chrome Hub Axle Grease Cap Cover - New
Catalog Number: SP13557
IH Number: 413288C1, 152451R1
Years: 1961 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Scout 80
Scout 800
Scout II Diesel
Price: $10.32 each

Now you can get new grease caps for the front axle flanges on your Scouts, pickups, or Travelalls! This is the cap that goes over the end of the axle stub on vehicles that have the bolt-on splined hub flanges on the front axle. This also was used on the rear axles that used tapered shafts and a large retaining nut.

Usually the original caps are battered or gone completely. Now you can replace yours and complete your restoration with chromed caps that look like new! These come with the flange seal.

Fits: 1961 Scout 80, 1962 Scout 80, 1963 Scout 80, 1964 Scout 80, 1965 Scout 80, 1965 Scout 800, 1966 Scout 800, 1967 Scout 800, 1968 Scout 800, 1969 Scout 800, 1970 Scout 800, 1971 Scout II, 1971 Scout 800, 1972 Scout II, 1973 Scout II, 1974 Scout II, 1975 Scout II, 1976 Scout II, 1976 Scout II Diesel, 1977 Scout II, 1977 Scout II Diesel, 1978 Scout II, 1978 Scout II Diesel, 1979 Scout II, 1979 Scout II Diesel, 1980 Scout II, 1980 Scout II Diesel

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