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Complete Weatherstrip Seal Kit - (minus triangle window vent) - Scout II, Scout II Diesel

Scout II, Scout II Diesel - Complete Weatherstrip Seal Kit - (minus triangle window vent)
Catalog Number: SP14253
Years: 1971 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Scout II Diesel
Price: $597.35
specify top-side windows:

This an (*almost) complete kit of weather seals and gaskets for your Scout II.

The following seals are included:
--(2) Door to body seals (sp11834) This is the seal that goes between the body and the door.
--(2) Door window kits (sp12700) This kit will fix loose and rattling windows.
--(1) Front Windshield Seal (sp12508)
--(1) Liftgate Glass Seal (sp13335)
--(1) Lower Tailgate Seal (sp12063)
--(1) Upper Tailgate Seal (sp10483)
--(2) Scout II Tailgate Side Seals (sp13160)
--(1) Upper Windshield Seal (sp12463) This seal goes between the top and the windshield frame.
--(2) Side Rail Seal (sp12308) These seals fit between the top and the side. Also known as top-to-body seals.
--(2) Side Window Seals for your topper. (sp14075 or sp14032) Please specify stationary or sliding windows.
--(1) Lower lift-gate seal. This includes seal material and 13 push pins.

This is everything you need! (not all seals are pictured below)

*This kit does not include the vent window.
wing window seal.

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