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Disc Brake rear Conversion Kit with E-brake - Dana 27 Axles - Scout 80

Disc Brake rear Conversion Kit with E-brake -   Dana 27 Axles
Catalog Number: SP18463
IH Number: You will need 16" Wheels. Some 15 inch wheels will work.
Years: 1961 - 1965
Vehicles: Scout 80
Price: $679.15

This kit should be installed by a trained brake professional.

This kit is for Scout 80 with dana 27 axles only. You will need 16 inch wheels to provide clearance for the brake calipers. Some Scouts had 14 inch rims. Check yours before you order.
Excellent directions included. Caution: never drive untested brakes on the street. Test them at slow & then higher speeds in a safe area with out obstacles. Requires 16" Wheels to clear the Calipers. (Some 15" wheels will fit over calipers A minimum of 12.5" inside diameter wheel.)

The adapter for the E brakes is included in the kit.

**If you are installing disc brakes in front and rear and you have a single reservoir master cylinder, you should upgrade your master cylinder to SP10068.**

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