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Scout II High-Performance D-300 Transfer Case

Catalog Number: SP13649
Year: 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Price: Unavailable

So, you are one of the lucky ones that has the 1980 Scout II with the Dana-300, the Big Kahuna, Hot Cheese, the Real Deal. You have the most sought-after model with the lower ratio gears, and are the envy of all your friends, but you still want something.....I dunno.....better.

We can offer you a transfer case that is completely rebuilt to factory specifications with new bearings and seals, and with new gears. The best part is the gears are ultra-low-ratio gears to give you better crawl ratio for steep inclines or rock crawling.

The stock low-range t-case gear ratio in the Dana-300 is 2.62:1. Our unit has a 4.00:1 ratio, which is as low as you can go without major modifications and cash outlays. Order it now, and you can be driving in two weeks!

Core required on each order. Please allow about a week for the work, and then we will send it back to you.

We can also add extra options, like a twin stick, or heavier output shaft housings and yokes. If you would like these, please call for details. IF RETURNED, CUSTOMER PAYS ALL SHIPPING.

Fits: 1980 Scout II

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