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Mechanical And Original Oil Pressure Gauge Kit - New

Mechanical And Original Oil Pressure Gauge Kit - New
Catalog Number: SP20208
IH Number: 259357C91 sender
Years: 1950 - 1980
Price: each

This kit gives you a working mechanical oil pressure gauge and keeps your original electric gauge working.

If you are like me, your original oil pressure gauge is always showing low oil pressure. This is because it is old and tired. You would like to have a more accurate oil gauge but you also want to maintain your IH original electric gauge. This is the kit for you. This kit allows you to tap into the engines oil pressure and send that information to your old original oil pressure gauge and also send the pressure to a much more accurate mechanical oil pressure gauge.
This kit also includes a new oil pressure electric sender.
My old original gauge was showing "no pressure" at idle and 1/8th when driving down the road.
I put a mechanical gauge on and was showing 10 - 20lbs at idle and 40 to 45 driving at 35 or 40 mph.
If your engine is operating correctly, you should have 10 - 20lbs at idle and 40 to 45 driving at 35 to 55 mph.

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