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Scout 800 New Gauge Combo Kit

Scout 800 New Gauge Combo Kit
Scout 800 New Gauge Combo Kit
Scout 800 New Gauge Combo Kit
Scout 800 New Gauge Combo Kit
Catalog Number: SP17369
Years: 1965 - 1971
Vehicles: Scout 800
Price: $412.65 - $469.91 each
bezel rings:

To really make your truck look new, get this beautiful set of brand new gauges!

All gauges work with the stock factory switches, cables, and sending units.

A full complement of gauges includes:
0-80 MPH speedometer with trip odometer,
0-100 PSI oil pressure gauge,
E-F fuel level gauge,
10-16 V voltage gauge,
and 100-240F water temperature gauge.

All gauges come with sealed convex glass lenses, black faces with white markings, and dampened fast-action needles so your gauges will not bounce around on bumpy roads like your old gauges do. Gauges are held in place with steel retainers and rubber isolators to reduce vibration. Each gauge has its own light inside, which can be tied into your factory dimmer switch like the original gauges were.

Since your gauges are the part of your truck you interact with the most, this could very well be the best improvement you ever make to your truck. Why wait? Order one today!

(Panel not included. Panel shown as suggestion for gauge placement only)

Fits: 1965 Scout 800, 1966 Scout 800, 1967 Scout 800, 1968 Scout 800, 1969 Scout 800, 1970 Scout 800, 1971 Scout 800

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