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Power Steering Box Reinforcement Plate - - Scout II, Scout II Diesel

Power Steering Box Reinforcement Plate -
Catalog Number: SP13728
Years: 1972 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Scout II Diesel
Price: $39.88

One common malady in Scout IIs is fatigue of the frame where the steering gear mounts. Over time the constant flexing causes the frame to weaken and then bend and ultimately crack and break. If this happens while driving on the highway it can be disastrous. If it happens while out wheeling, it can leave you stranded. If you suspect your Scout has too much flex in the frame, get one of these reinforcement plates.

This is not a factory part, but was engineered to fix one of the more common problems with Scout II trucks. You just bolt it in between the steering box and the frame and go! Or for added benefit, have it welded at the edges. This has the added benefit of making your Scout steer straight again. Don't wait until it is too late, get one today!

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