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Scout II Radio - AM/FM With Ipod Input (160 Watt)

Scout II Radio - AM/FM With Ipod Input (160 Watt)
Catalog Number: SP14626
Years: 1971 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Price: Call for Availability

Our 160 Watt AM/FM/MP3 dual post stereo sounds great, allows you to plug in an iPod or any other USB MP3 player, and will accept an SD Card full of MP3 music in the face.

Newer radios have a larger center hole and different post spacing, so you will need to modify your dash opening, but it is a small task to have tunes in your Scout again!

Fits: 1971 Scout II, 1972 Scout II, 1973 Scout II, 1974 Scout II, 1975 Scout II, 1976 Scout II, 1977 Scout II, 1978 Scout II, 1979 Scout II, 1980 Scout II

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