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Rebuilt Rear Engine Mount for AMC Engines - Scout II

Catalog Number: SP13735
IH Number: 393250C2
Years: 1972 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Price: $164.80 + $60.00 (core)

We now have remanufactured rear motor mounts for Scout IIs with the 232 and 258 6-cylinder inline engines. Also called rear engine mounting insulators, these parts have long been unavailable new, but we can rebuild yours. We have some in stock, but depending on demand, we sometimes have a waiting list for these.

These mounts are disassembled, all rubber and grease is removed, and then the metal parts are thermal cleaned and shotpeened. Bolts are replaced, and it is then put into a mold where fresh rubber is injected. The rubber is vulcanized, and then it is painted black and delivered to you, ready for another 30+ years of service!

Lead time depends on demand. If we are out of stock, we will need you to ship yours to us. On units that we ship to you out of our stock there is a core charge which will be refunded upon receipt of your old mount.

For the front engine mounts, see SP13543.

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