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Scout II, Scout 80, Scout 800 Starter Relay Kit - With 12V Harness - Send More Power To Your Solenoid

Scout II, Scout 80, Scout 800 Starter Relay Kit - With 12V Harness - Send More Power To Your Solenoid
Catalog Number: SP16071
Years: 1961 - 1980
Vehicles: Scout II
Scout 80
Scout 800
Price: $68.78 each

If your Scout is like mine, most of the time it starts fine, and other times you try to start it and all you get is a click.
With the battery being new and the starter being new, it shouldn't happen. Turn the keys 5 or 6 more times and then it might start. The problem often is that your old ignition switch and/or wiring harness isn't supplying enough current to the starter solenoid because of loose, worn or oxidized connections and contacts. The spark coil also uses this connection on the starter solenoid to generate the high voltage required for the spark plugs during start. If you do eventually get it to crank, the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel may not be hot enough due to the solenoid leaching most of the available power.

This new relay kit fixes that condition. It provides much more electrical current to the starter solenoid. The relay requires only a very small amount of current to operate and once energized it will supply more than enough energy to your starter solenoid. Think of it as a screwdriver shorting directly across the solenoid's battery and start terminals every time you turn the key.

Kit includes: Starter relay and wiring harness.
Step 1. Disconnect Battery.
Step 2. All you have to do is screw relay into firewall and attach 4 wires.
Step 3. Attach relay and black wire to fire wall.
Step 4. At the starter solenoid, attach the blue wire to the main big post that has the big wire that goes to the battery.
Step 5. At the starter solenoid, remove the white #17 wire and replace with the yellow wire.
Step 6. Attach the white wire to the existing white #17 wire that you just removed from the solenoid.
You are done.

Wire color Key:
Blue wire goes to either battery or the big main terminal on the starter solenoid.
yellow outputs full battery voltage to the "S" on the Starter solenoid.
White wire connects to the existing wire coming from the ignition switch.
Black wire must be grounded.

This kit is not compatible with 6 volt systems.

Fits: 1961 Scout 80, 1962 Scout 80, 1963 Scout 80, 1964 Scout 80, 1965 Scout 80, 1965 Scout 800, 1966 Scout 800, 1967 Scout 800, 1968 Scout 800, 1969 Scout 800, 1970 Scout 800, 1971 Scout II, 1971 Scout 800, 1972 Scout II, 1973 Scout II, 1974 Scout II, 1975 Scout II, 1976 Scout II, 1977 Scout II, 1978 Scout II, 1979 Scout II, 1980 Scout II


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