Bell housing for transmission has many different bell housings to choose from.  SP20288  We also have just added bolt kits for bell housings and  so,  if you need bolt kits, give us a call and let us know what you need.   We also have mounting bolts for Automatic Transmissions as well.

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1969 1100D pickup – I like it!

Sometimes I feel very lucky.  I come into work and the nicest people call me up and offer to send me photo’s of their babies.  Just yesterday John Meehan sent me some photo’s of his super cool 1969 1100D pickup. As they get rarer and rarer,  it is harder to see an old IH just driving around. I know that they are inefficient and drive like old trucks but I love to see them in contemporary settings.   Cheers,  and heres to you for keeping one on the road John.  And an extra thanks for sending the photo. 

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Wiring Harnesses and Custom Electrical Work and has an extensive electrical department that reproduces wiring harnesses for all the International Harvester Scouts, trucks and Travelalls. We have patterns for 90% of all rolling stock made by IH in 1980 and before.

We have the ability to solve electrical problems for you and build that solution into your harness. We can incorporate modern solid-state devices and modern radios and clocks. Another thing that I would like to let people in the IH community know is we can even make you a harness in fabric covered wire. So if you have a 1939 D series truck,  we can make you an authentic new harness.

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Distributor Testing and Rebuilding

It is getting pretty hard to find someone to rebuild and test your distributor. and still does it. We have many distributors rebuilt and ready on the shelf.  It takes old equipment and a lot of patience, but we can rebuild yours and get it to make a regular spark.

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International Harvester Made More Than Just Trucks and Tractors

I am just taking a moment to call attention to the fact that International Harvester was, for about 70 years the worlds largest agricultural equipment manufacturer. At one time in the 1970s, International was the worlds 26th largest corporation. They started and owned many development companies. One of the most interesting was Solar. Solar was an IH company that made small jet engines. Engineers call them gas turbine engines. These jet engines made helicopters practical and were on all airliners as APU’s. Auxiliary Power Units produce power while on the ground.

IH sold off Solar in the 1970’s because they needed cash, but not before IH produced a few jet powered tractors. Just a few, all in museums now. All this was going on while they made 1,000,000 Scouts.  The twists and turns in the road are very interesting.

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U-Joints for Scouts and Other Light Line Trucks

It can sometimes be very hard to find u-joints for International Harvester Scouts, Travelalls, and Pickups.  Have you gone to the parts store asking for U-joints, only to get a blank look from the counter staff after they type in a few key strokes on their computer?   This is happening because the last 10 years of Scout and IH truck production is a period when this data was moving slowly onto computer data bases. In the 1970’s there was a great deal of resistance to moving from parts books and micro phish to computer databases. I have heard heart breaking stories of family owned dealerships that we forced out of business because of their reluctance to adopt computers into their dealership. and has endeavored over the years to rebuild data bases in order to supply you with the correct U-joints for all the different applications used by International Harvester on their Light line Scouts and trucks. Search for U-joints here. 

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Scout 80 Travel Top

The Scout 80 originally came with a long top called a “travel” top.  This top was short with small windows.  They were good tops but they needed a little more head room.  When International Harvester upgraded the Scout 80 to the 800 model, they popped up the top by giving 4 more inches of head room and they increased the size of the windows. International Harvester also changed the way that the top bolted onto the top of the windshield frame. Originally it was a 5 bolt arrangement and for Scout 800 they went to a 7 bolt arrangement. They can be found here.

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Reconditioned Steering Wheel

We now can recondition your steering wheel. You can send us your original steering wheel and we can make it as good as new.  The steering wheel in the photo was chipped and damaged a lot.  I would have never thought it could be restored to this like new condition, but wow, look at it now. Take a closer look at this product on our web page. 


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Fuel Filler Flange

This is our reproduction fuel filler flange. You will have to drill your own holes to get a perfect alignment. We initially tried to provide already drilled holes in them, but have heard from customers that the holes did not line up perfectly. Because of this we no longer pre-drill them. These fuel filler flanges stand up about 1/2 inch higher than the original. Our fuel filler flange are located here. 

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We Make Wiring Harnesses

The one thing that you can do to your International Scout to improve it’s reliability the most is to put in a new wiring harness. Some people assume that a new wiring harness just can’t be found 40 years after the Scout was made at the factory. We’re here to say you can.

We make complete wiring harnesses for all years of Scout 80, Scout 800, Scout 800A and Scout 800B, Scout II, Scout II Traveler, and Terra. The original International Harvester harnesses were built to a very high standard.  I am alway impressed with the consistency and durability of the original harnesses, but with time oxidation and resistance builds up on any contacts.  To increase reliability, a new harness is one of the best thing you can do.

Take a look at our inventory here, or can always give us a call to tell us about your project.  888-288-0550

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